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Iron is an essential mineral for energy and vitality that must be acquired through diet and/or supplementation. People who are most at risk of iron deficiency include women with heavy periods or who are pregnant, vegetarians, vegans, athletes, seniors, or those with certain chronic health conditions.

An iron deficiency can leave you with side effects such as feeling weak and tired. To help maintain adequate iron levels, Platinum Naturals offers a selection of EasyIron products to choose from:

EasyIron Extra Gentle: formulated for those who have mild iron deficiency or those with sensitive stomachs. It contains a lower dose of iron bisglycinate with 9 mg of elemental iron per capsule. Great for vegetarians and athletes.

EasyIron: contains 18 mg of elemental iron from iron bisglycinate per capsule and is formulated for individuals with moderate iron deficiency, women with heavy menstrual cycles, blood donors, and those going through pre and post surgery.

EasyIron Extra Strength: formulated for those with severe iron deficiency such as Iron deficiency anemia. EasyIron Extra Strength offers a potent dose of 45 mg of elemental iron from iron bisglycinate per capsule.

EasyIron products are made with iron bisglycinate. Iron bisglycinate is a non-heme, chelated form of iron that is bound to two glycine amino acids and is more easily absorbed by the body. It has an elemental iron bioavailability of 91%. Iron bisglycinate has been clinically shown to be absorbed 4.5 times more efficiently than other forms of iron.

EasyIron leverages Platinum Naturals’ Omega Absorb™ delivery system that suspends the iron bisglycinate in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to enhance the iron absorption by 3 times. In addition, olive oil protects the stomach and the GI system from the harshness of iron itself.

Absorption of iron bisglycinate in oil occurs throughout the entire small intestine, reducing symptoms of nausea, stomach pain, constipation. Apart from providing iron, our EasyIron formulas are sources of vitamin C, B6, B12, zinc, and copper that are essential blood-building nutrients that help your body produce oxygen-carrying red blood cells. EasyIron formulas are free of binders, fillers, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Maintaining proper iron levels is vital to your overall health. EasyIron offers an excellent solution to give your body the nutritional support it needs.

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